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Bela Padilla thinks ex-bf Neil Arce and Angel Locsin will eventually be a couple

After four years of being together, Bela Padilla and businessman/movie producer Neil Arce broke up. The real reason was never disclosed, but there are speculations that Neil Arce is now pursuing actress Angel Locsin. We know it might be hard for Bela, but she bravely answers the question if she thinks the two are now a couple. Watch it!

Bela Padilla confirms break-up with Neil Arce

Just days after we posted Bela Padilla 2016 Year in Review, we were saddened to hear Bela Padilla’s revelation during the press conference of My Dear Heart that she and longtime boyfriend Neil Arce decided to part ways. She didn’t reveal the reason, but she says that they maintain as good friends/business partners. We are hoping for the fast recovery of Bela’s heart. Don’t worry, maraming work! 😀

Two Girls One Cup Episode 5 ft. Sid Lucero, Neil Arce and Bela Padilla

Have a peek into the showbiz industry from the perspective of two very different but both talented actors and one young producer. Nic and Max guest Sid Lucero, Bela Padilla and Neil Arce to discuss their craft and what happens behind the scenes.

10,000 Hours Cast and Director Exclusive Interview

The cast and director of the movie 10,000 Hours answers the questions of the press and some interesting trivias are revealed on this video. Watch and don’t forget to support the movie on the upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival.