MMFF 2013: 10,000 Hours Official Trailer

Here’s the official trailer of 10,000 Hours, a Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 entry under the direction of Bb. Joyce Bernal Starring Michael de Mesa, Pen Medina, Joem Bascon, Mylene Dizon, Carla Humphries, Alden Richards and of course, Bela Padilla!

Showing on cinemas nationwide starting December 25.

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10,000 Hours Official Teaser

Here’s the official teaser of the MMFF 2013 Entry “10,000 Hours” starring Robin Padilla, Michael de Mesa, Mylene Dizon, Markki Stroem, Carla Humphries and Ms. Bela Padilla. Rock it in Amsterdam!

Bela Padilla busy with Singaporean series ‘Point of Entry’

Here’s an in-depth interview of Bela Padilla describing her role as Analyn Ocampo in the Singaporean series ‘Point Of Entry’. She will be visible in the whole duration of the series.

Bela Padilla in ‘Point of Entry’

Bela Padilla is set to star in the Singaporean action-drama series ‘Point of Entry’. She will play the role of the Filipina love interest of Jack Yang, who appeared on Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order. Congrats Bela!