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Bela Padilla endorses Natasha Shape

Bela Padilla is the newest endorser of Natasha Shape, an affordable lingerie line! Check this simple yet sizzling video taken from her pictorial for the company!

Bela Padilla Pictorial for San Mig Light Behind the Scenes

Here’s a special behind the scenes interview of Bela Padilla as the newest endorser of San Mig Light! This TVC is fun due to the number of pick-up lines.

Bela Padilla on Writing

On this interview, Bela Padilla reveals her love for writing. Also featured is her pictorial for the clothing brand, Freego.

Bela Padilla in Uno Magazine December 2012 issue

Bela Padilla Colt 45

Bela Padilla together with equally pretty and sexy celebrities Denise Laurel and Chesca Litton appeared on the December 2012 issue of Uno Magazine. Here are some of Bela Padilla’s solo shots. Simply sexy, indeed!

Bela Padilla Colt 45bela-padilla-colt451

NISCE Pictorial BHS with Bela Padilla

Bela Padilla is the celebrity endorser of NISCE Skin Clinic. Here’s the behind the scenes clips from her pictorial in La Union.